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Event review: Vitafoods 2019 focuses on sustainability

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Vitafoods 2019 showcased a range of new product solutions for the nutrition space, with a strong focus on sustainability.

Companies are looking for more creative ways to adapt to market behaviours, and sustainable supply chains are now of utmost importance for purchasing power. Transparency and regulatory demands were also important themes discussed at the event as part of this.

Personalised nutrition was a continuing theme for this year’s show, with technological advances to be seen everywhere to fit individual health needs.

200 more exhibitors showcased their products and solutions at the 2019 edition of Vitafoods, with the main question being asked, ‘what does nutraceutical mean to you?’

Clarity of this term is continuing to be explored with consumers and companies. The rise in bringing together pharmaceutical knowledge with innovative food and beverage applications now necessitates a universal definition of the term ‘nutraceutical’.

See our gallery for a look into who was exhibiting and the range of products available at this year’s show.

Sports nutrition was a large focus of new product releases, with innovations continuing to be pursued in alternative ways for consumers to recover, sustain energy, and optimise their performance when exercising.

Further to this, customised nutrition prevails, with companies making use of consumer insights to adapt to individual consumer needs.

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